Other Kinds of Goodness! ~ <3 ~

I greatly appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing and sharing.

Below, please find links to my social media platforms and other blogs where I write about other interests!

A Touch of Sass I have an upscale, online boutique, featuring makeup, accessories, makeup, clothing, makeup…did I mention makeup? Sometimes, I do product reviews of other lines I don’t carry, simply because I love makeup. (Being a former makeup artist will do that to you!) I am also on Pinterest and Facebook, where specials and deals will be updated.

Many of you may know I am a huge animal lover and now I have a blog that will focus on my passion for rescue. (It’s just started, and to be honest, I am more active on Facebook.) But you can always read my thoughts at Because of a Dog and see updates from the perspective of my 3 Sassy Spoiled Girls on Facebook. I share links to either insanely cute puppy pics or pups that need to be rescued/fostered. We are stronger together, and just the act of sharing and liking can help spread the word to save a life.

And, if you enjoy my regular column, please connect with me at The Southern Storyteller. I share my column there as well, but other things too. I love WordPress and my blog, but really love the immediate interaction on Facebook.

As always, thank you for being here. ❤



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